Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hot Stuff...Cyclocross in August

I stole some photos from Zank's blog from Blue Moon Cyclocross race in Agawam MA Aug 26. Check his blog out for some more photos of the Hup guys.
Mrs Z and me: pre-race lactate acid overload

MegA rides for the Belgians this season

Women of Hup United start off the season at Blue Moon Cyclocross.. yes even I am in the picture, i need to work on starts !

Aug 26, 2007 Woman Open 18 starters
1 Kate SCHEIDER North Atlantic Velo / ClassBook.Com / Giant / Pedro's 43:30
2 Nicole KESSELRING North Atlantic Velo / ClassBook.Com / Giant / Pedro's 44:13
3 Laura JENSEN Eastern Bloc CC 44:21
4 Megan BILODEAU HUP United 44:37
5 Andrea MYERS Target Training 45:08
6 Erin CANHIFF Harborside Cycles 45:32
7 Jessica KATES Keltic Construction 45:45
8 Judith WEXLIER unattached 47:44
9 Michelle KERSBERGER NCC/Joe's Garage 48:07
10 Heidi WAKEMAN Team Harborside Cycle 48:39
11 Liz SEWARD CRCA/Third Nature 48:53
12 Jennifer MUTO North Atlantic Velo / ClassBook.Com / Giant / Pedro's 49:20
13 Rebecca ZANCONATO HUP United/Zanconato Custom Cycles 49:23
14 Kerry COMBS Hup United 50:25
15 Christina TAMILIO Landry's Bicycles 51:26
16 Deanna FROTHINGHAM CCB 52:19
17 Diane TOWER Minuteman Road Club 52:53
18 Kristen LUKACH down 1 lap

Cross started early up here in New England and since I was missing Shenandoah 100 this year due to a family wedding, I had no excuses not to jump back in. Meg and Rebecca both had a fine race and I felt good just getting the first race out of the way.

Just for cyclocross, I am on a new team this season. It is Hup United: Part Gang; Part Squad; A Lifestyle. In 2003, Hup United was born in Somerville, MA. The idea was CROSS and CULTURE. Simple. Hup is the anti-team comprised of Privateers, One-off's, and Stragglers. Over time, our kit would grow to represent our love for all things Belgian...

I am somehow a cat 3 cyclocross racer(due to expert mtb status) and race in the 3/4 women or open women (1/2/3/4) where I have a stronger possibility of getting lapped. My goals are to keep improving as the season unfolds and use whatever superpowers I can muster to prevail over any conditions mother nature throws at us this cross season. Amen !

Next up for sure is Sucker Brook in NH.. who's in ???

" hup finds another..."


Chris Mayhew said...

That's cool. I always wondered what that team was all about. Now I know. You look great. A bit different than when I saw you at S50.

Cool it's Vermarc, which is Belgian as well. I should loan you my Mario DeClerc Belgian World's team jersey. I got it (from J. Page) and the next day DeClerc tested positive. Sweet, huh?

namrita o'dea said...

I love the kits!

Have fun with cross. That just looks too painful to me :)

fatmarc said...

I so can't wait to get cross racing.

If I didn't work so hard this last week, I'd think about going up to north jersey for their tuesday night series which starts this week.

kit looks great, great picts too.

can't wait to see you for granogue!

Danielle said...

The kits are awesome!

I dread my first time going over a barrier in a race. Oh, the pain!!!!!

josh said...

I'M IN !!!

hopefully (well definitely) I won't peace out early and will get to meet you (and the rest of the fabulous hup-ladies) this time around (unlike agawam where I had to peace out).